MC Burn’em

If when you hear, Macio Malone aka MC Burn’em, you imagine, Mumble Rap, think again. MC Burn’em is lyrical, pure, and dope all in one. His music is undoubtedly potent and has substance.

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When asked why he chose to not switch styles to fit in with current trend, MC Burn’em says “I feel that music should send a person through different moods and feelings based on the message and delivery. Since 2013 when… I went to my dad, who worked with an independent record label in LaGrange, GA, named Southern Empire, as a producer and artist management, I told him that I wanted to rap and he quickly told me he would see if I felt the same about rapping in a few years because he felt I wasn’t serious about it and would just be passing time. That same year while he was in the studio working on some tracks I asked him to let me rap over a beat, he didn’t know I was writing and practicing on my own. He got me settled in the vocal booth, adjusting my mic and headphones then started the beat and I gave him what I had. My dad is hard to impress, however, he gave me encouraging words and sat me down and stated, “If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it the right way”. In 2018 I started to get a body of work together and delivered a pile of songs to be considered for release, which brings me to current and releasing my first single “I Tried” in December 2019 on all media outlets and followed up that single with “Who Dat” in February 2020 on all media outlets.